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451 Kitty Available

To add to the collection of 451 telephones, the 451 Kiity has been launched. The pink and white telephone branded with a stylish Hello Kitty design is aimed at girls.

With the increaseing poularity of the Kitty franchise mybelle added the new phone as an inexpensive alternative to the 205Kitty.

Check out the novelty section of the website for more information. 

451 Success!!

The slim-line, 451, novelty telephone range avaialble; across a range of our licenses have prooved to be very successful.

Sales to European distributors have been particularly good, this is attributed to the higher age which a child gets a mobile telephone on the contenent, with bedroom landlines being more popular.

More exciting designs are available soon so watch this space!


Mybelle 207POOH is on special offer!!

Was £11.00 NEW PRICE £8.00 ONLY (min 24 pcs)

This Mybelle talking phone announces calls in Winnie's own voice. It has a demo button so you can show your friends and demo the product in store.


Last number redial

High/Low, voice or conventional ringer (batteries included)Desk or wall mounted

Cartons quantity 12 pcs.

In stock now.

790 Pooh Photo Frame Buy Now!!!

Was £7.50 NEW PRICE £4.50 (Min 24 pcs)

You can have a whole lot of fun with this talking moving photo frame.


Holds 6 x 4 Pictures

Pictures can be vertical or horizontal

Winnie wobbles when button is pushed

Winnie speaks 5 different phrases.

Carton quantity 12 pcs.

In stock now



The latest in our range of Novelty Phones.

The Mybelle Stilletto telephone is the latest addition to the range of telecoms.

This stylish telephone is ideally suited to fashion lovers with a quirky style and looks great on in-store displays.

Features Include: Last number redial, high/low/off ringer

RRP: 12.99



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